gimlet (plural gimlets)

  1. a small screw-tipped tool for boring holes
    • 1726, Jonathan Swift, Gulliver"s Travels
      The box was close on every side, with a little door for me to go in and out, and a few gimlet holes to let in air.
  2. a cocktail, usually made with gin and lime juice
    • 2001, General Hospital (TV soap opera, August 28)
      Yeah, a piece of advice -- once you"re back in circulation, don"t keep topping off a lady"s vodka gimlet when she"s not looking.

6 letters in word "gimlet": E G I L M T.

No anagrams for gimlet found in this word list.

Words found within gimlet:

el elm elt em emit et geit gel gelt gem get gi gie gilet gilt gimel git gite glei glim glime glit it item leg legit lei let li lie lig lime lit lite me meg mel melt met mi mig mil mile milt mite te teg teil tel ti tie tig tige til tile time